Our plan for business continuity

  • Written By WHISHWORKS
  • 22/03/2020

Due to the recent restrictions on workplace and travel, business as usual (BAU) processes have changed, and many are concerned about ensuring business continuity in this uncertain time.

At WHISHWORKS, we were able to quickly adapt to these conditions due to an established onshore/offshore working structure that we have implemented since the launch of the company, supported by embedded ISO 27001 policies and applied DevOps delivery principles. 

Given the recent developments, we have put in-place rigorous Business Continuity Processes and associated controls to enable the teams to work effectively and safely. We have also aligned our operation to respective government guidelines and implemented best practices, such as remote working, social distancing, and use of regular deep-cleaning alongside daily checks of all staff not in isolation.

Onshore/Offshore support 

For many businesses practicing social distancing or isolation, whether with onshore or offshore teams, connectivity limitations, security concerns or the inability to meet periodically could escalate service-level issues and possibly impact service quality. 

At WHISHWORKS, we have developed a work-from-home structure that is both flexible and accountable. This elastic workplace approach has been developed to continue providing seamless service to our partners. 

All our onshore and offshore teams who are working remotely on client projects are provided with laptops and VPN access, whereas we have increased governance and team huddles/scrum calls to ensure there is no productivity loss.

For onshore engagements, we have technical experts on the ground globally who are able to operate in your local area without infringing on travel/visa restrictions. The presence of these teams means you can continue BAU, minimising disruption and ensuring continued service quality.  

If you have any concerns, or are faced with productivity disruption please contact us at info@whishworks.com or call one of our international centres.

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