Takeaways from our recent MuleSoft Meetup on Mule 4

  • Written By Raveendar Bandaru
  • 16/10/2018

A couple of weeks ago we held our first MuleSoft Meetup in Hyderabad India, aiming to share what’s new with the latest release of Anypoint Platform. With us were Sourabh Singhai, Product Owner at Flyin.com, Mahesh Shenoy, Director – Partner Enablement from MuleSoft and well over 100 MuleSoft enthusiasts. Here are the highlights from the day:

The Meetup kicked-off with the success story of Flyin.com, the leading online travel agency. According to Sourabh Singhai, using Anypoint Platform they managed to gain seamless access to some 450 different airline vendors globally, and visibility to more than 300,000 hotels around the world. Commenting on the user experience, Sourabh emphasised how easy and fast it is to roll out projects.

Mahesh Shenoy continued with an introduction of Anypoint Platform and its latest release, Titan. He went on to discuss what’s new in Mule 4, the new version of the platform’s runtime engine. He placed special emphasis on new components like the Runtime Fabric container service for multi-cloud deployments, Anypoint Security which enhances data protection with Edge security and Tokenisation, as well as Anypoint Monitoring for faster incident identification and resolution. 

Next, WHISHWORKS’ Raveendar Bandaru discussed the company’s experience testing and with Mule 4, focusing on DataWeave 2.0, the main expression language in Mule 4. He presented the main differences with MEL (Mule Expression Language) traditionally used by Mule ESB.

Finally, WHISHWORKS’ Pankaj Kankatti, CIO and Co-Founder and Ravikumar Gunda, Technical Architect, focused their presentations on MuleSoft Connectors introducing the upcoming Mule 4 Migration Toolkits and sharing the company’s experience from migrating its own connectors on Anypoint Exchange (Azure, Expedia, Asana and MapR DB) from Mule 3 to Mule 4.

 You can see the slides from the presentations here:

WHISHWORKS-MuleSoft Hyderabad Meetup -Oct 2018 from WHISHWORKS

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