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In business the quality of your connection often dictates your level of success. Who do you know? How close are you to the market? What key client relationships are you developing?
Connection is the power and the principle behind System Integration. Just imagine what your data could do if it was easily and constantly available to multiple channels of your business. How would it move your business forward? Where would it give you advantage in the marketplace? What insights could you gain from a fuller understanding of freely moving data?
At WHISHWORKS we help businesses avoid fragile and become agile with System Integration. Our Centre of Excellence delivers a thorough, dependable and profitable structure that removes constraint and unleashes the value contained within your data.

As a key MuleSoft delivery partner we bring knowledge, talent and credibility to a market-leading product. Connecting with WHISHWORKS guarantees success.
See how our clients have benefitted from System Integration or start a conversation with us today. Read on to find out how our Centre of Excellence works.
The WHISHWORKS Centre of Excellence focuses on the overall development of people, technology and processes. This approach ensures a sustained success.
Our Centre of Excellence is a shared entity that helps WHISHWORKS innovate, improve, expand, be competitive and help our clients achieve real value.
WHISHWORKS team of System Integration experts promote collaboration and use of best practices around API based integrations to drive business results.
Our Centre of Excellence finds simplicity within the complexity of data. Our approach is defined by four key pillars:
Four Pillars of WHISHWORKS Centre of Excellence

This centre of excellence helps customers in integration strategy, planning and implementation. Whether it’s a b2b, b2c or an enterprise integration, our continuous improvement arm which keeps setting up new fine tuned strategies help customers achieve their goals successfully. With proven implementation experience it also helps customers realise their goals quickly. We understand customer needs through a discovery phase of few weeks dependent on the size and complexity of the goals to be achieved and frame right integration strategy.


We provide architectural blueprints with proven design patterns for the implementation of MuleSoft solutions from on-premise Mule ESB to iPaaS or an API-led connectivity solution. By providing common platform components like auditing, logging, security, monitoring, exception management and resilience we can reduce the implementation effort by a great extent. With proven continuous integration and devops tools we ensure it’s a low friction delivery pipeline.


This CoE arm helps provide the project governance throughout the implementation life cycle. Our bespoke agile delivery process for system integration projects ensure on-time delivery and quality of the integration components. With continuous delivery approach we bring business value to the investments in short cycles.


The greatest assets for any organisation, especially for niche integration providers like MuleSoft solutions, are the people. This arm of the CoE provides the pool of experienced and certified MuleSoft experts. It maintains a resource pool for current and potential requirements. It has a time tested enablement program on MuleSoft products to nurture and create MuleSoft certified engineers.

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Our System Integration expertise and experience has been a source for solutions to various industry challenges.