Hortonworks, our trusted partner

WHISHWORKS' consultants deliver their Big Data services using the Hortonworks platform. Our teams are all certified in our Centre of Excellence, which allows us to expertly assess your needs, design the right solutions, and deliver them with confidence.

We have clients around the world who trust WHISHWORKS to deliver innovative technologies.


An Open Enterprise Hadoop Data Platform

Presentation & Applications
Enable both existing and new applications to provide value to the organization.
Enterprise Management & Security
Empower existing operations and security tools to manage Hadoop.
Governance Integration
Data Lifecycle & Governance
  • Falcon
  • Atlas
Data Workflow
  • Sqoop
  • Flume
  • Kafka
  • NFS
  • WebHDFS
Data Access
Access your data simultaneously in multiple ways (batch, interactive, real-time)
  • MapReduce


  • Pig


  • Hive


  • HBase
  • Accumulo
  • Phoenix


  • Storm


  • Solr
  • Spark
  • ISV Engines


YARN: Data Operating System
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
HDFS Hadoop Distributed File System
Data Management
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Administration, Authentication, Authorisation, Auditing and Data Protection
  • Ranger
  • Knox
  • Atlas
  • HDFS Encryption
Deploy, Manage and Monitor
Provisioning, Managing, & Monitoring
  • Ambari
  • Cloudbreak
  • ZooKeeper
  • Oozie
Deployment Choice
  • Linux & Windows
  • On Premise or Cloud/Hosted
Our association with Hortonworks
  • "As a trusted Hortonworks partner, WHISHWORKS has invested in skills around Hadoop and reached the elevated status of Gold Partner. Hortonworks and WHISHWORKS have delivered a number of joint engagements successfully, further enhancing the relationship and ensuring customer success. We continue to work on a range of projects together, all delivered on time and on budget with 100% customer success.”

    Director, Regional Alliances