Everyone knows that data volumes are growing exponentially. What’s not so clear is how to unlock the value it holds. The answer is Cloudera, the Platform for Big Data. With a single, integrated enterprise-class solution, Cloudera lets you efficiently query all of your data - structured and unstructured - and have a view beyond data sitting in relational databases. Equally important, Cloudera's platform runs in real time, so you can work at the speed of thought as you build rapidly on deep insights, create competitive advantage and become truly data-driven.

Cloudera’s revolutionary data management platform is designed specifically to address the opportunities and challenges of Big Data. Cloudera combines Apache Hadoop with a number of other open source projects to create a single, massively scalable system where you can unite storage with an array of powerful processing and analytic frameworks. By uniting flexible storage and processing under a single management framework and set of system resources, Cloudera delivers the versatility and agility required for modern data management – where you can ingest, store, process, explore and analyze data of any type or quantity without migrating it between multiple specialized systems.

  • Unified Data – run transformations, analysis and applications against a common data set
  • Unified Metadata – all jobs and queries leverage a single metadata model
  • Unified System – all data operations run on a single set of nodes
  • Unified Security – a single model for security, data access and compliance
  • Unified Management – centralized system and data management
WHISHWORKS Big Data Center of Excellence

WHISHWORKS Big Data Center of Excellence addresses the growing market demand for Big Data consulting services. Hadoop is a rapidly evolving Open Source framework scalable for processing huge datasets in distributed systems. It enables users to store and process huge volumes of data and analyzes structured and complex data. Hadoop project is maintained by Apache Software Foundation and is written on Java.

WHISHWORKS is a pioneer of Big Data in developing products and providing Big Data solutions primarily focused on Hadoop platform. Our experts know that businesses need to be able to make sense of Big Data to remain competitive. We believe that the best way to do this is by leveraging Cloudera’s Hadoop Platform.

WHISHWORKS have embraced Cloudera’s Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) technology as it enables businesses to manage structured and unstructured data flowing into the companies’ day in and day out. Hadoop helps our clients make better business decisions, based on analytics and dashboards generated from the enormous business data. The data can then be analyzed and value can be taken, helping to gain competitive advantage and increase profitability and productivity.

WHISHWORKS has teamed up with Cloudera to bring to market the combination of Cloudera’s Big Data management and analytics platform, powered by Apache Hadoop. Our business analytics and reporting capabilities enhance and support the primary objective of assisting enterprises with Big Data use. The solutions we deliver to our clients are based on Cloudera, the platform for Big Data and a leader in Hadoop-based software and services.

WHISHWORKS deliver solutions that are:

  • Fully scalable
  • Future-facing
  • Business-led
  • Based on tried and tested methodologies
WHISHWORKS helps you to leverage Big Data Technology

WHISHWORKS does end-to-end implementation of a Hadoop projects. We provide consulting services for leveraging large-scale business data to create new business opportunities, system design, implementation, maintenance and support.

With proven expertise in mature technologies and thought leadership in those that are emerging, our team of senior-level consultants will help our clients implement the technologies they need to manage and understand your data - allowing you to predict customer demand and make better business decisions faster than ever before. Whatever the Big Data challenges are, we'll provide the strategic guidance required to succeed.

WHISHWORKS delivers solutions using the following Hadoop Ecosystem Technologies:

  • Cloudera
  • Hadapt
  • Hortonworks
  • HBase
  • Hive
Service Offerings

WHISHWORKS offers the following services

  • Strategy Formulation - WHISHWORKS partners with the customer to conceptualise and formulate a strategy to move to Big Data. We help you define how Hadoop based Big Data solutions can fit within your overall business and IT strategy and how they can be phased in to realise maximum business benefits.
  • Architecture Consulting - WHISHWORKS Big Data architects will conduct interactive workshops with all stakeholders, gather requirements and suggest a suitable Big Data solution architecture.
  • Implementation - Design, develop and test use cases that involve Big Data technologies, spanning from setting up a performance-tuned cluster to integration of a suite of technologies including ETL, NoSQL, MPP, CEP Engines, workflow engines, and visualization



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