A job that matters for people that matter
At WHISHWORKS we place exceptionally high value on our team. Every person is seen and valued, and no shortcuts are taken when it comes to their wellbeing. We believe that people are our greatest asset and we run our business for their benefit.
A growing business for growing individuals
We invest in every member of our team, encouraging and enabling them to learn new skills and contribute to the growth of themselves and the company.
What We Value
Culture defines and decides the evolution and the entrepreneurial journey of an organisation. At WHISHWORKS, we believe that every individual contributes and shares in the larger fabric of our culture and ethos, which eventually translates into relationships and success.
Customer First

Our customers are the sole purpose of our visions and efforts. Everything we do has to be focused on the interests and betterment of our customers’ business. While doing that, we do not prioritise customers since every customer is unique.

Team Work

WHISHWORKS core values route to trust and integrity. We share knowledge within groups and encourage camaraderie. We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire teams.


Our work demands both complex problem solving and a simplistic understanding of customer requirements. Nevertheless, there is no limit to where individuals can excel. There is only passion to deliver quality with an unflinching mind.


WHISHWORKS believes that professionalism is about respecting every individual as oneself. To conduct with utmost dedication to organisation vision is the only criteria on which an individual can command respect.

Three Promises
WHISHWORKS team we make you three promises. Firstly, you will be encouraged to succeed and celebrated when you do. Secondly, you will encounter a rapidly-growing, future-focussed organisation. Thirdly, you will enjoy a vibrant workplace culture and meet wonderful people.
Hear From Our Team Members
  • Rowan
    Consulting Architect

    Prestigious clients coupled with strong leadership and values-driven management makes working at WHISHWORKS inspiring and rewarding. Talented and enthusiastic people with a commitment to excellence makes team working at WHISHWORKS productive and enjoyable. Success mindsets and a full project pipeline that drives rapid organic growth makes working at WHISHWORKS dynamic and stimulating.

  • Lavanya
    Technical Specialist

    WHISHWORKS is a Pioneer of Mule technology and working with this company makes me feel proud. WHISHWORKS provide a great platform to upgrade your skill set, they have helped me improve my career and personal growth. The managers have always been flexible in consulting their team members in decision making and supporting them in all aspects of their work.

  • Suriyanarayanan
    Senior Project Manager

    At WHISHWORKS, I was privileged to work with a highly motivated team from the day I joined. WHISHWORKS dynamic environment provided opportunity for me to explore more quality process improvement and Project Management Practices, which I didn't get in the previous big companies I had worked with.

  • Charlotte
    MuleSoft Practice Consultant

    I work in new business development for WHISHWORKS’ integration practice. I have been unfailingly impressed with the enthusiasm, focus, drive and professionalism of every single team member of this organisation. Our clients have the highest praise for our approach, which perfectly mirrors my experience as an employee. I am proud to be part of the team.

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