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The Potential of DATA
What is Big Data? Is it the four million searches conducted through Google, the 204 million emails sent, the 200,000 photos uploaded and the 250,000 tweets sent every minute of the day? Is it the massive footprint created by a global population of connected people who increasingly conduct their personal, professional and social lives in digital space? Is it the vast wells of information, indexes and systems held by businesses?
Yes, Big Data is all those things, and so much more. At WHISHWORKS we have distilled our vision of Big Data to one simple word. Potential. The average person is expected to have a digital footprint of 5,200GB by 2020, and we see that as an opportunity to better understand ecosystems, markets, audiences and individuals and serve them with better products, services, experiences and brands.
However, we also see the difficulty many businesses have when they try to unlock Big Data’s potential. We know that most organisations struggle to combine their various data sources into a structure that can yield the rich insights necessary to drive meaningful and sustainable business growth. We also know that some view Big Data as out of reach, expensive or an indulgence.
We want to help those businesses. We want to help you. We want to advance your business by helping it become a data-driven organisation. WHISHWORKS can make your data accessible, searchable and profitable, unlocking the true potential of Big Data.
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Data Architecture and Modeling Data Ingestion Data Analytics Data Visualisation Data Sustenance Data Governance
Improve Customer Experience Increase Operational Efficiency Effective Financial Analysis and Planning
WHISHWORKS Big Data services address the growing data and analytical requirements of our clients. Our team of Big Data specialists make you Think, Act and Grow beyond the speed of your data.
Our Big Data solutions encompass strategy, design and implementation. We offer those services through a staged delivery approach that includes strategizing, architecture and implementation before finally resulting in business leveraging data that aids decision making.
Business Assessment and Discovery
Architecture & Design
Big Data and Cloud Services
WHISHWORKS has extensive experience in Big Data and Cloud based SaaS, PaaS and LaaS services. Our team of Big Data and Cloud specialists will get you onto the cloud with minimal capital expenditure for your chosen implementation.
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Big Data
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Big Data Services, Cloud Enablement, Support
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What our clients have to say
  • "We deal with a large amount of data sources on a daily basis. Identifying and compiling the relevant data to create reports was becoming more difficult, expensive and time-consuming. WHISHWORKS’ solution enabled us to achieve our business objectives and goals with increased service levels, demonstrating a high level of expertise by effectively implementing the project to the agreed timelines and going a level beyond what we thought was achievable”

    Lee Taaffe - Business Information Analyst